Service is perhaps where Rossland Optical shines the most! It’s easy to sell a pair of glasses or contacts, lots of places do that. We stand behind all our products. The eyewear business is a dynamic industry. We fill prescriptions from any licensed Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. We take great care to perform custom adjustments and on-going maintenance to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

When you shop at Rossland Fine Optical you can be assured that we will take ownership of any eye care problem and make sure you receive service when you need it!

We have an on-site finishing lab. Most glasses are hand crafted here on the premises. If you choose to use your same frame you don’t have to be without your glasses. Usually we have your lenses ready in 45 minutes (some exceptions apply). This service is by appointment only. Please speak to our friendly Opticians for details.

At Rossland Optical, we emphasize the eye care consultation. Consider us the “Pharmacist” of eye care.

Prescription Lenses

Your prescription is unique to you. Melding the perfect frame with the perfect lens is one important aspect. The next step is to design a lens that offers the features that enhance your vision and your quality of life. A personalized consultation with our experienced and knowledgeable staff will leave you feeling you have made the best choice for your eyes and your lifestyle.

Do you worry progressives will distort your periphery for driving or your depth perception when using stairs or exercise equipment?

New technology such as Nanoptix Technology from Essilor offers high definition vision similar to the effect of a high definition television. For the first time in progressive design, Varilux Lens Designs take the prescription from both the left and right eyes to simultaneously calculate the lenses as a pair. This improves your vision at all gazes in all directions. Varilux S series is the custom tailored suit of the prescription lens world, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time! If your golf clubs are custom, if you have a customized sound system, if you buy original art, or you simply appreciate the fusion of technology and design Advanced Technology lenses are for you.

We offer a variety of lenses and our Licensed Opticians will offer a thorough interview to understand your lifestyle and vision needs before recommending the perfect lens design for your prescription. All our lenses are available with anti-reflective and scratch resistant coatings and specialized products such as Blue Light filters or task-specific lenses such as a computer design or lenses with a seamless reading boost. If you need a great price or specialty products  we have options for you.We offer Transitions lenses, Digital Single Vision Hi-index lenses, Polarized lenses and so much more…

Contact Lenses

New technology from CooperVision allows us to offer the convenience of Daily disposeable contact lenses and multi focal technology all in one fantastic lens. Ask if Proclear daily multifocal is right for you!

Introducing the new PV2® High Definition Optics lens from Bausch and Lomb. These comfortable and breathable lenses offer HD optics for enhanced night vision. They offer overall sharper crisper optics and enhanced colour perception. Try a free pair today. Consult our Opticians to see if this product is right for you!

Contact lenses are a particular interest of mine. While volunteering for the College of Opticians of Ontario, I spearheaded the idea to develop a contact lens mentor program to increase Optical students’ access to experienced contact lens fitters. In turn I have developed a very diverse optical clientele including standard contact lens fits with patients interested in high quality contact lens care and follow up as well as access to a range of products and pricing. I pride myself on being able to meet the needs of those patients with a strong astigmatism and or multi-focal requirements. I also fit gas permeable lenses and specialty lenses for Keratoconus and prosthetic fitting. On a side note I enjoyed a stint as contact lens fitter for a horror movie, which still gives me shivers!!!! Too many zombies, not enough time.

Contact Lens Solutions

Are matched to meet the needs of each individual contact lens wearer. The advent of technologically advanced contact lenses means that the solution truly remains part of your prescription. When our Opticians recommend a solution we take into account your overall eye health including sensitivities to allergens, contact lens material, tear break up time (meaning how well your eyes produce and retain moisture), lifestyle and how the necessary cleaning regimen fits with your lifestyle. We stock all major brands of solutions and can bundle your solution with your contact lens purchase to save you time and money! At Rossland Fine Optical we never compromise on service to deliver the best eye care. We also never compromise on opportunities to save you your hard earned money. We always apply any available manufacturers’ coupons and we process all applicable money back rebates for you. Online ordering is available.


An important part of the Optical industry. We carry a variety of lifestyle magnifiers that help keep people independent as they start losing vision due to eye diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetes and glaucoma. We offer the support and compassion needed in times of stress associated with vision loss. We also provide magnifiers for hobbyists. Most recently I had an opportunity to supply a telescope for an avid birder. Light weight, compact and crystal clear optics really impressed our client.

Prevention and Awareness

Important in maintaining good long term eye health. At Rossland Fine Optical we focus on patient education. This means that you can count on us to give you the most current information about eye health and preventing eye disease. This includes Ocular vitamins, dry eye drops, supplements, sleeping goggles and compresses to treat a variety of eye ailments.


It’s swimming season! Make the most of your summer with sharp crisp vision in the pool! Prescription swim goggles come in lots of great colours and they are very affordable starting at only $85.00 plus tax. And yes they are available in adult sizes too.

Children are a very special part of our practice. It is great to see so many of my young clients grow up and move on to such exciting endeavors in their lives. Knowing that we provided their vision needs to help their success is very rewarding. It can often be traumatic news to find out your child needs glasses. We endeavor to make this a fun and exciting process for the kids. We carry a variety of themed glasses and great colors. Durability and warranty are a given. The most important thing is that kids come in for frequent cleaning and adjustments. We like to see kids every 2-3 month to tighten screws, clean and align frames and check for warranty issues. All children’s lenses are made with Airwear® polycarbonate offering clear optics and safety. All children’s frames have a two year warranty. We also have specialty products such as prescription swim goggles and Rec Specs sport goggles to meet the needs of active children and give them the confidence to participate in all activities.

Childen’s Package pricing ages 3 – 13 years old

  • $250 – complete frame and polycarbonate lens UV400 clear scratch coat 2 year parts and labour warranty
  • $275 – Complete frame and surfaced polycarbonate lens UV400 clear scratch coat 2 year parts and labour warranty
  • $300- Includes frame and lens Anti-Reflection coating and one time 15 month prescription change warranty
  • *prices subject to change. A final quote will be determined by the licensed optician responsible for ensuring proper lens and frame selection. Add on features such as Transitions and ultra thin lenses are exrta.
  • REC SPEC Children’s sport safety glasses from LIBERTY SPORT
  • Frames and Clear lenses starting at $280
  • Frames and Tinted lenses starting at $295
  • Frames and Silver Flash Mirror starting at $450
  • Frames and Transitions lenses starting at $395

*some prescription restrictions apply