Frames are either one year or two years. A $15 shipping charge applies to process your warranty. If a part needs to be replaced outside the warranty time additional charges may apply. Occasionally a frame is sold out in a specific color before the end of the warranty and color substitutions apply.

*We offer a 30 day prescription guarantee, 2 years on lens coatings and 2 years on most frames. Shipping charges apply. Glasses must be in original condition. Scratches, wear and tear, discolouration will be processed as a warranty not a refund. Please contact Dana at Rossland Fine Optical to clarify exact terms of our refund or exchange process. Specialty products and customized products do not apply. *Policy subject to change. 

We are a small family owned business. We take a lot of time with our clients to ensure that an outstanding frame and appropriate lenses are selected. If you change your mind regarding your frame selection or type of lens we are happy to warranty the product to the fullest availability of the manufacturer’s policy. We advocate on your behalf to ensure the manufacturer’s we use stand behind their products. Separate shipping charges apply to each individual supplier.¬†

We want you happy and satisfied with our products and services. Please understand that as a small business we compete on exemplary informative service, style and selection.